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(Most of these photos came from Mary Kenniston's wall & other contributors via FB.   Only now, we can find the player of interest in seconds.)

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- A -

Al Hogue, Denver, Grand Junction, Colo, 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket

Al 'Little Al' Romero, Seattle & Los Angeles, 70s, 8-ball.  He played tough &very slow


Allen Hopkins 'Young Hoppe'  & Mary K.  Port Angeles, Vegas, Birmingham & North Carolina, 70s & 80s;  8-ball & 1-pocket

Andy Olguin, Amarillo, Texas, 70s, 8-ball &pitching qtrs to a line

Artie Bodendorfer 70s not much action except when Stormy Hunter chose to play Rod instead of Art. Rod cleaned up at 8-ball in Shelbyville, IN

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- B -

Benny 'Goose' Conway, Wichita, 70s, 8-ball

Bernard 'Pots & Pans' Rogoff, 60s FL & 80ís NV

Bernardo 'King Kong' Chavez, Los Angeles, late 60s, 8-ball, late 70s, Las Vegas, 8-ball

Bill Amadeo 'Ole Man Bill' kept Rod in cheap action (9, 8 or 1-pocket) all over the US & kept Rod up 24 hrs while opponent show 24 hrs late

Bill Milke, Madison, Wis, 70s, 8-ball

Bill Mullens on the far right brought in some College football players to arm-wrestle Rod cheap & then beat Rod playing 9-ball 1965 Tampa

Bill Stack, Jackson, Mississippi, 70s, 8-ball

Bill 'Weenie Beenie' Staton, VA / West VA, FL 60s

Bill Stigel, Tampa. Fla, 8-ball

Billy Burge Cornbread Red Detroit, Reno Cincinnati 70s & 80s

Billy Incardona 'Cardone'  Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Vegas, 70s & 80s.   Rich Geiler 'The Hat' looking on.

Billy Stroud, Tulsa, OK, 70s

Billy Ray Sudan, San Jose, Missouri, Okla City, 70s, 8-ball&  9-ball

Billy Weir, 70s-80s, Clovis NM, Longdale OK & Denver, 8-ball; Billy beat all the pro in ring 9-ball after Baton Rouge Tourney

Bob Hernandez 'Bakersfield Bob' busted Rod in TX 8-ball but Rod pumped up via Grady so Bob got greedy & Rod won it all + arm wrestling

Bob 'Bob Ogburn' Osbourne, Hialeah, FL, 1965

Bobby Leggs, in his club in Indiana playing 8-ball, 70s

Bob Smith, red-headed, Toledo, OH, 70s

Buddy Dennis, Baltimore & Okla, 60s & 70s.  8-ball & 1-pocket

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- C -

Calvin Hargrove, 'Country Calvin'  Ark, Texas,  Louisiana, 70s

Canadian Pete, Michigan City, IN, 8-ball, 70s & 80s

Cecil Hall 'Buddy Hall' The Rifleman, Kentucky, 70s & 80s, Oklahoma, Colo Springs, Sacramento.


Charles 'Bucktooth'  Cook, Oakland, Reno, Vegas 70s

CJ Wiley, Dallas, TX


Cole Dixon, Las Vegas, 1-pocket

Cross-eyed Ray, Atmore, Ala, 60s, 8-ball

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- D -

Dallas West, Rockford, 8-ball 70s

Danny DiLiberto, since 1964 in Miami, Alexander, seen all over the Country

Danny 'Handsome Danny' Jones (with Eddie Taylor) since 1965-80s in OH  FL  LA  8-ball & pitching qtrs to the spot

 Dan Louie, WA, Port Angeles, CO 70s, 8/9-ball straight pool. On a road trip, player quit Dan because he brought his own powder (not really)

Danny Medina, Denver & Las Vegas, 70s & early 80s, 8-ball & 1-pocket


David Howard 'Little David the Giant Killer'  FL when he was a teenager 1965+, Oklahoma in early 80s

Dave Knottingham, 70s-80s, Sheridan, WY, Vegas

Dave Matlock, Ponca City, Ok, 70s, 8-ball; Rod never lost a race to 15 & would have won the bet except they played 10 ahead & it took 2 days

Dave 'Cadillac Dave' Piona, Oregon & Willard, OK, 70s, 8-ball


Denny Searcy, Houston, Okla & NC, 60s&70ís, all games, cue/broom/chop-sticks/bumper pool

Dick 'San Jose Dick' McMoran, Dallas, late 60s, 8-ball; his backer pulled a gun on Rod after Rod won in 8-ball

Dick Lane, Houston, late 70s, 8-ball

Dick McGivern, OR  CA  WA  1970s


Dick Miles, Utah & Las Vegas, 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket on a bar table

Doc 'The Poet' White, Albuquerque, Canyon City, Colo, 8-ball, I ran 8 racks & won, he got one shot)

Don 'Waterdog' Edwards, Denver, 70s, 8-ball/ straight pool, all sized tables, ran 98 balls & won 100 to -1

Don McCoy, Des Moines, Iowa, 70s-early 80s. After 5 yrs on the road with Rod, Omaha John only lost 2 matches (McCoy & Earl Strickland)

Don 'Portland Don' Watson, Deland, Fla, 60s & Alabama, late 70s, 1-pocket

Don Willis, Akron, Ohio, 70s  *

Donnie Folks, Bartlesville, OK, 8-ball; Omaha John beat him playing 9-ball on a snooker table

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- E -

Earl Strickland, Rod is 6-0-1 with Earl for big $. 60s-80s Houston/Okla in 8-ball/last-pocket/pitching qtrs after Earl beat Omaha John in 9-ball

Eddie 'Champagne Eddie' Kelly, Baltimore/Fredrick, MD, 60s, asked him to play over the phone  *

Eddie 'Detroit Whitey' Beauchene, Las Vegas, Nev, 70s, I had him brain-dead shooting 1-pocket.

Eddie 'The Hat' Burton, South Carolina, 60s, 8-ball

Eddie Taylor  'Knoxville Bear' Lot of respect for Eddie in Shreveport where he played golf on the bar box.  Old-timer Champions Bunch

Erman Bullard, Tulsa & Okla City, late 70s, Plays all games, especially banks.  Omaha John beat Erman playing 9-ball after Rod won at 8-ball

Ernest 'Nubby' Morgan, Las Vegas, 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket on bar table

Ernesto Dominguez at a tourney Scott K threw the cue ball with tip of his cue across the room, landed on Ernesto's head & hence the hospital

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- F -

Fat Randy, Tulsa, 70s, 8-ball

Felipe 'Mexican Phil' Valdez, Denver, 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket on a bar table

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- G -

Gabe Owen came thru Utah & beat Rod 2003 after Rod retired from the Gov & 20 yrs after retirement from pro pool but left town the next day

Gary Pinkowski, great guy where Rod met him in 1964-65 bartending on N. Miami Beach. Gary & Rod partnered up hustling North of Miami.

Gene Catron  Not much action but good at knock-down dominos & proposition shots 70s

Gene 'The Machine' Cooper, Port Angeles & Sacramento, 70s, 8-ball, 1-pocket & pitching qtrs

George Brunt,Milwaukee,70s,8-ball; tripled the bet, played last pocket, Rod won every game, $300 per; two great pool players/friends

George 'Tacoma Whitey' Michaels, Tacoma & Seattle,70s, 1-pocket & 8-ball; sore loser

Grady Mathews: good friend & although Rod won every game on bar/3-cushion table, Grady won more $ on big table: 1-pocket in CO 1980

Greg 'Big Train' Stevens chased Rod from Wichita KS to Galveston TX in 1966, Rod won 8-ball, Greg won 9-ball & nicknamed 'Surfer Rod'

Greg Sullivan, Indiana & Kentucky, 70s. Greg had a lot of proposition games & made his own jewelry for sale

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- H -

Harry McConnell The Horse. Rod in the Navy stationed at Phily, was impressed by Harry's stroke at Allinger's. Later in 65, Rod beat him 8-ball

Harry Platis was 1st mentored by Rod in Seattle 1974. They have been opponents & partners for big $ (lot's of stories) (with Mary Kenniston)

Harry 'Poochie' Sexton, Detroit & Flint, Mich, 60s & 70s, 8-ball

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- I -

Ismael 'Morro' Paez, San Jose/Las Vegas 70s, 8-ball; last-pocket 8-ball

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- J -

Jack 'Frisco' Cooney, Okla City, 70s, hustled Rod for a spot playing 1-pocket but would not play even

James 'Youngblood' Brown, Stockton, CA & Chicago, late 60s, 8-ball Denver, last-pocket 8-ball

James Christopher, Houston, 60s/ColoSprings 80s, 1-pocket, 8-ball & last pocket 8-ball

James 'Junior' Norris, Wichita Falls, Texas, 70s & 80ís, 8-ball, 9-ball & 6-ball

Jay 'Swanee' Swanson, Atlanta, 70s, 9-ball on a bar table

Jeff Carter, Omaha & Madison, WI, 70s, 8-ball.  Rod won every game in a short set for $300.

Jerry Brock, Mobile, Ala, 70s, 8-ball, last-pocket 8-ball & 1-pocket  

Jersey Red, Jack Brett, NJ / Las Vegas 60s / 70s  *

Jim 'King James' Rempe, Houston, 60s, 8-ball when he was reigning champion  


Jimmy Caras put on an exhibition in San Diego while Rod was in the pool room. Rod left for the East Coast via ship thru Panama Canal, 1963

Jimmy 'The Phily Flash' Fusco, Detroit, Mich, 70s, 1-pocket but he didn't play long

Jimmy Mataya, Lansing/Las Vegas, 60s thru early 80s, 8-ball when he was reigning champion 

Jimmy Marino, Washington, PA, 60s or 70s, 8-ball & 9-ball

Jimmy 'Cowboy' Moore, Albuquerque, 70s, 1-pocket; we both had nice slip strokes back then.


Jimmy 'Hippie Jimmy' Reid, Las Vegas, 70s  *

Jimmy 'Fly Boy' Spears, Houston/Tenn, 70s, 8-ball; Rod had his number & won a lot over the yrs

Joe Barlett Smokey Joe, 70s-80s, Mississippi, Abilene, Reno

Joe 'Tracy Joe' Salazar, Las Vegas, 70s 8-ball & 1-pocket

Joey Spaeth, Cincinnati, 70s The Cincinnati Kid + his son.  Rod played them both one-pocket on the big table. Have funny story regarding Jr.

Joey Torma 'Dallas Joey'  Denver, 8-ball & 9-ball

John 'Mexican Johnny' Vasquez, Miami, El Paso, TX, 60s & 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket

John McHenry 'John Henry'  all night club outside Chicago, late 60s (9-ball) & Oklahoma, 70s, 8-ball

John Shuput 'Omaha John' & Rod are best friends who went on the road (77-82) playing their specialties. John only lost twice in 5 yrs

Johnny Ervolino  since 1965, Miami Beach, dog-track,  New Jersey, NYC

Johnny Irish, Miami with cue & broom handle, '64' or '65' playing 8-ball at the Calypso, Miami Beach

Junior Brown, Wichita, Kansas, 70s, 8-ball

Junior Sweatman, Miss & Birmingham, late 60s, 8-ball & 9-ball (played 2 days alternating opponents)

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- K -

Keith McCready, Port Angeles/Houston/LA, 70s & 80s where Rod won in 8-ball & pitching qtrs & Keith won in 9-ball & 1-pocket

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- L -

Larry 'Iceman' Hubbart, Baton Rouge & ColoSprings 1980, 8-ball & last-pocket 8-ball

Larry Johnson 'Boston Shorty'  Las Vegas, 70s

Larry 'The Prince of Pool' Lisciotti, Miami, 60s, after Rod saw him play in NYC, Rod won playing 8-ball

Leonard Rucker Bugs shot Rod's ball in, Rod shot Bugs' in, etc but would hook Bugs so he could not make Rod's. Dirty 8-ball in 70s Chicago 

Lewis 'Junior/Lefty' Goff, Florida border town, all-night club, 70s, 1-pocket

Lou 'Machine Gun' Butera, Los Angeles, 70s  *

Louie 'St. Louie-Louie' Roberts, across border, Orange, TX, 70s, 8-ball & with a spot in 9-ball

Louis 'Little Hand' Bramlett, Texas 60s, 8-ball & 1-pocket

Luther 'Wimpy' Lassiter, Jack & Jills, VA, late 60s  *

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- M -

Marcel Camp, Miami, 60s, 8-ball & 1-pocket

Mark Haddad, UT 2005 after Rod retired, Mark had Rod stuck 26 games at $500/game, Rod doubled  the bet & won 8 in a row, they quit

Mark Jarvis 'Chip'  Chicago, on the road in the South, 70s-80s

Mark 'Mark Tadd' Tademy, SLC, 80s after Rod retired, Rod use to give him a ball in 1-pocket; he learned cheap

Mark Wilson, 70s Wisconsin & Vegas.  Nice guy but he more or less watched * 

Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter, Las Vegas, 70s, 1-pocket, Rod hopped  the rack, banked them in & ran out over & over

Michael 'Geese' Gerace, DC, 60s, proposition shots, Oregon, 70s, 1-pocket

Mike 'Tennessee Tarzan' Massey, TN & LA, 70s, we visited some but never played for money  *

Mike Sigel, Little Rock/Denver,70s, 8-ball for a nickel? Rod said 'sure.' Mike comes back, wants odds  *


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- N -

Nick Varner, nice gentleman, Owensboro, KY, 70s  *

Norman Hitchcock, Dallas, Okla City & Longdale, Okla, 70s, 9-ball & 8-ball

Norman Howard 'Jockey'  In Michigan City IN, Jockey put a msg on the windshield of Rod's car, 'Bet more was here.' 70s, Detroit

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- O -


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- P -

Pete 'Cheyenne Pete' Trujillo, Denver/Cheyenne, 70s, 8-ball but Rod lost playing golf on a snooker table

Peter 'Rabbit' Linhard, Las Vegas, 70s, 1-pocket; Rod improved a lot since they first met the 'Rabbit'

Pittsburgh Mike, Pennsylvania & Okla City, 70s

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- Q -


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- R -

Railroad John, Atlanta & Fayetteville, NC, 8-ball & last-pocket 8-ball

Ray Martin declined to play Rod when asked in Jack & Jills in Alexandria VA abt 1970, the year Wimpy poured water on his cue in the finals. *

Rich 'The Hat' Geiler, Salem, Seattle, 70s, 8-ball, had Rod 14-9; Rod kicked his ball in & ran 6 racks to win

Richard Riggie beat by Rod, 8-ball 1965 Baltimore on a 4x8 bar table spotting Rich 1 ball (1st ball off is no spot but Riggie was over-confident)

Richie Ambrose ran pro tourney in 80s Little Rock when he declined to play Rod; neither would Mike Sigel after talking to other road warriors *

Richie Florence died too young; he played all games well & beat Rod 1-pocket on a big table @ his tournament in 80s Sacramento

Robert Dancer 'Detroit Bob'   Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas, late 60s, late 70s, 8-ball & 1-pocket

Robert 'Cotton' LeBlanc, 70s, Detroit, Arkansas, Las Vegas

Rod Curry 'Surfer Rod' 1964 to 1983: Rod hustled pool from bar-to-bar, town-to-town & played them all. He put his qtr up & they challenged him

Ronnie Allen 75-83 CO+ for the $$, Rod masse-draw cue ball into a circle toward table head back to the foot end to break out the 8-ball & win

Rudolf 'Minnesota Fats' Wonderone, Miami, outside Houston & Denver  *  along with Danny Jones, Cornbread & Grady M

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- S -

Sam Blumenthal, Jacksonville, 60s, 9-ball: lost with the 5 & the snap on big table; won even on bar table

Sammy Jones declined to play Rod in the 70s San Angelo TX; good action with others though *

Samuel Trivett, Weenie Beenie's place in Alexander, VA, 60s, 1-pocket on a big table

San Diego Dave, 70s, ColoSprgs, 1-pocket, Rod won 2G's & as he was leaving, Dave came out, kicked at the snow & fell down.

Scott 'the Shot' Smith, Good friends from Denver to Colo Springs, 70s, 8-ball but Scott preferred 9-ball

Scott Kitto, Iowa/Vegas, since 70s but in the 80s, Scott accidentally hit Dominguez in the head with the cue ball & he had to go to the hospital.

Sebastion 'Chino' Franko, Los Angeles & Denver, 70s, 8-ball; a hustler & a warrior

Stan 'Canadian Stan'  good in 9-ball & in 1-pocket, Canada, WA, Vegas, ID, UT

Steve Cook, Tampa, 79 or 80, 8-ball/1-pocket; he beat Rod for a wk, a ball skidded & Rod came back big

Steve Mizerack, Las Vegas/Port Angeles, WA, 70ís. Steve declined several times, once in front of his pal John Madden. *


Steve Oaks, Kokomo, Indiana, 70s, 8-ball

- T -

Terry Bell, Littlerock 70ís/Colorado Sprgs 80ís, 8-ball, he never called a bet, even on a big table *

Toby Sweet, Reno, 1st saw Toby in 1993 at Grady's Tourney in Reno.  He played Bucktooth 1-handed

Tommy Baker is a local champion who might match up with Rod once every 5 years, if he can find a backer.

Tommy 'Staten Island' Halliday was beat in a bar playing 8-ball in  New Jersey in 1965.

Tommy Spencer lost to Rod in 8-ball & Omaha John playing 9-ball in 2 separate dates in 70s Chicago when they 1st partnered up.


Tony 'Fargo' Ferguson: a champ at bank-pool player & 9-ball but he lost every time in the 70s-80s Tulsa playing 8-ball, 1-pocket & pitching qtrs

Tony Howard 'One-eyed Tony' lost every game (Rod ran 8 wracks in a row) in Okla City, 70s, 8-ball

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- U -

Utley 'UJ' Puckett, Fort Worth, 60s, 8-ball/1-pocket, he steered Rod into his friend, & said, 'I just want half'  also Wimpy & Jimmy Moore

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- V -


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- W -

Wade Crane 'Billy Johnson' great in 9-ball, beat Greg Stevens, staked by police officials in 70s Birmingham. Would not play Rod 8-ball though


Warren Castanza Monk Reno dealer who plays 9-ball but Rod beat him in 8-ball in 70s Vegas. Real nice guy who fainted after big 79 win

Walter 'Woppie' Getty, Dallas & Oklahoma, late 60s & 70s, bumper pool & 8-ball

Walter Glass lost to Rod a couple of times, 70s, playing 8-ball @ Fayetteville NC & exciting straight pool matches on the bar table in Vegas

William Bell  'Dollar Bill'  Jackson, Miss 70s-80s; in with Bill Stack against Rod playing 8-ball & proposition shots.

Willie Mosconi, Omaha, Neb 70s  *  1st pool book read by Rod was Willie's in 1963 while in the U.S. Navy stationed at Orange TX

Willie Munson, Milwaukee, 70s, 8-ball, he relieved George Brunt & kept Rod in action

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- X -


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- Y -


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- Z -


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- # -


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